Mineral buffet for horses (DIY)

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Mineral buffet for horses (DIY)

In the wild horses have access to different kinds of plants, herbs, trees, grass & shrubs. All of these contains certain minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Horses have developed an instinct of which they know exactly what they need. They browse around all day long in search of nutrients to stay healthy.

Our domesticated horses have a boring diet which usually consists out of grass, hay and maybe some concentrates. Most of these horses will lack certain minerals and maybe even vitamins. Especially when they have health problems and metabolic issues.

So why not bring a bit of nature and variety back to your horse!

One way to do so if to offer your horse certain products from nature which they can select free of choice. We came up with this idea to offer these products in buckets of water. This idea comes from The Netherlands where the mineral buffet is super popular.

The following products can be offered to your horse.

1.    Celtic sea salt

Celtic sea salt contains less sodium and more potassium and magnesium than standard sea salt, plus other minerals and trace elements. Salt is essential for the proper functioning of the body:

·         It is important for the moisture balance

·         Important for reducing excessive acidity of cells in the body (especially in brain cells)

·         Essential in balancing blood sugar content (necessary in IR)

·         Indispensable for the energy management in the cells

·         Helps to absorb nutrients

·         Supports the cleaning of the respiratory system

·         To prevent muscle cramps

·         Works like a natural antihistamine

·         Is part of the production of a strong bone system

Celtic sea salt is a good way to replenish lost electrolytes by sweating.


2.    Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic substance made from crushed diatom fossils. Diatoms also known as diatom are a class of single-cell algae with an external skeleton of pebble. Diatom can also be used external to fight of fleas, mites, lice and other insects

It helps strengthen ligaments and joints

- Helps fight off parasites and worms

- Helps prevent low bone mass

- You can use it external to help fight off mites & lice

- Improves protein digestion, prevents ammonia development.

- Prevents eating sand or licking horses.

- Support healthy skin, hair and hooves/nails

- Dehydrates the stomach and intestinal environment and protects and improves the stomach and intestinal wall condition, indirectly this has a preventative effect on intestinal parasites. In many cases, it removes prolonged diarrhea and water after the manure.



3.    Fir humic clay

Original FIR contains approx. 6x more humic acids. It is many times finer than other carbonaceous minerals and contains humic acids and carbon clay that can bind a large group of different toxins.


·       Helps a better digestion and feed intake

·       Soothing with sensitive abdomen / intestines

·       Toxin binder from roughage

·       Better resistance

·       Dryer legs

·       Stronger hooves

·       Helps with diarrhea problems

·       Healthier house climate

·       Improve fertility


4.    Green clay

Green clay is rich in enzymes and minerals. You do need to be more careful with this one, especially with horses that are on medication, certain supplements or herbs,  because it is very powerful and can require a lot of the body. Please contact a nutritionist or vet before you start adding this one to the diet.

Green clay can also be used external to help stimulate blood flow, support wound healing, sooth local inflammation and work as a pull ointment


5.    Spirulina


Spirulina is an algae which is rich in proteins and vitamins.

• helps with a mineral deficiency and thus to promote general health and self-healing

• increase the immune system

• Supports the liver to help detox 

• the metabolism

• for endurance and strength sports

• for lack of energy and vitality

• with growth

• in recovery after efforts

• during pregnancy and lactation

• to prevent infections

• with dull, dry, brittle hair and hooves, itchy skin, allergies and airway issues


6.    MSM


MSM is a natural source of sulphur and an important binding agent in cartilage, tendons and joints. MSM is the raw material for the production of new cells and it is important for the elasticity and health of the connective tissue. In addition, MSM ensures a good absorption of the nutrients.  MSM is an essential mineral that contributes to the maintenance of healthy tendons, ligaments, cartilage and connective tissue.


How to offer


Of course you don’t have to offer all of these at once but it does give your horse more options. You add the amount of grams of each product that is advised on the product. Mix this with 12 litre of water ( the buckets in the photo are 12 litre buckets ) and refresh every 48-72 hours. In most cases you wont have to waste any of it because horses love it. If you do have some left then you can throw it out on your grass paddock which is good for the living organisms in the soil.


You will soon notice that the horses will choose certain products in certain seasons.

Do keep in mind that horses need to get used to this and you might waste more at the start. Whatever they don’t drink you can leave out of the buckets for a while and offer it again the next season.

And always make sure you have a big bucket of fresh water without anything in it.


Please note that you should be careful with horses that have health issues or are on medication. Horses with metabolic disorders don’t always know what is good for them and for these horses we advise a consult.  Also note that the mineral buffet should not replace a mineral feed or balancer, it is an addition and brings variety to your horses diet. If your hesitant about certain products then please contact us for advice.  

Source of picture that has been used: https://femkedolle.nl/mineralen-buffet-voor-je-paard/


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