Celtic seasalt

Celtic seasalt

Celtic seasalt

(Gros Sel Guérande Le Guérandais)

Pony up to 1m 2-5 gram                

Pony 1m up to 150cm 3-10 gram                     

Horse 150 up to 180cm 5-15 gram                    

Big horse or when working out a lot 5-20 gram per day

Coarse Celtic sea salt won in the Guérande region of France. The salt is completely unprocessed and only dried by sun and wind, so the color is greyish and still feels a bit moist. Celtic sea salt contains less sodium and more potassium and magnesium than standard sea salt, plus other minerals and trace elements. Regular salt contains only NaCl and no other minerals that can supplement shortages.

Salt is essential for the proper functioning of the body:

·         It is important for the moisture balance

·         Important for reducing excessive acidity of cells in the body (especially in brain cells)

·         Essential in balancing blood sugar content (necessary in IR)

·         Indispensable for the energy management in the cells

·         Vital for nervous system and information transfer between nerve cells

·         Helps to absorb nutrients

·         Supports the cleaning of the respiratory system

·         To prevent muscle cramps

·         Works like a natural antihistamine

·         Is part of the production of a strong bone system


Celtic sea salt is a good way to replenish lost electrolytes by sweating.

Salt left? Use it in the kitchen, like bath salt, or to fertilize your plants.