Prevent allergies

Improve blood circulation

Keep blood pressure healthy

Keep bones healthy


Keep diabetes mellitus under control

Keep weight under control

Keeping heart healthy

Fighting dandruff

Prevent cancer

Helps when having colic

Low in tannin's

Improve kidney function

Relieve pain

Rich in antioxidants

Reduce wrinkles

Active substances:

Rooibos tea contains essential minerals, including calcium, iron , magnesium, zinc and alpha-hydroxy acid. Also contains high levels of vitamin C which in combination with powerful antioxidants such as aspalatin, provides numerous health benefits. Rooibos tea also contains polyphenols that help fight free radicals, keeping the body healthy and ready to use.


Drinking rooibos tea increases estrogen production in women. This is not serious, but women with breast cancer or other hormone-sensitive diseases should consult a doctor before drinking rooibos tea.

Drug interactions

The antioxidants and chemical compounds of rooibos tea sometimes disrupt the medication taken . It is important to consult a doctor before adding rooibos tea to the diet when the person is taking medication. Finally, the use of rooibos tea as a replacement for all medicines without consulting a doctor is not recommended.