Animal reading

Animal reading

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Communicating with animals

You may have urgent or important questions for your animal, or you may feel that your animal wants to tell you something, or you may just be curious about what your animal has to say!

I will tune in with your animal, and he or she will have the opportunity to 'say' everything he or she wants to `say`. Although the consultation is about your animal, information can also be released that has to do with you as an owner. An animal will always talk lovingly about his or her human being, but sometimes the animal can `hit a nerve`. It is known that an animal (just like a child) can mirror a human and that this can be reflected in the information released during a consultation.

The information that is released through telepathic contact can come to me in several ways: 

* via words * via image * via emotions * via feelings * through my body (pain/ heat /cold/etc.) * via flashes.

Everything that comes through during a consultation will be written down on paper. So sometimes these are literally the words that come to me, it is just like listening to a human being who is talking. When things come in through images, I translate that into words, so that the image is clear to the person who reads the report. My body reacts by giving signals, and at that moment my body is as it were a conduit of your horse's body. This can be expressed, for example, in headaches, shoulder pain, nausea, sensitive intestines etc.

Making contact via this way might show things that are sometimes (yet) not understandable. Sometimes it will not make sense until later and sometimes things are symbolic. My experience is that an animal find`s it nice to be heard, having someone that listens to them. I'm a conduit and therefore I can't enforce things. An animal has its own will and its own way and I will accept and respect this at all times. However, I can explain to the animal why things go the way they go, in order to gain more understanding from the animal. The animal also decides what it wants to share and how much. Sometimes I end up with 2 papers full of information, but there can also be 4 papers written full of information!

To request a consultation, you can:

Purchase the reading and then send an email to containing a clear picture of your horse with name and date of birth and mentioning the questions and/or comments that you have for the horse.

You can expect the results of the reading within 2-3 weeks. The results will be emailed to you.

* This reading is done by Marlies. You can find more information about her here