Okapi, pelleted mineral concentrate to prevent deficiency in basic forage

Okapi, pelleted mineral concentrate to prevent deficiency in basic forage

VAT included
  • 3 kilo
  • 10 kilo

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Okapi mineral concentrate P

Okapi's products only contain healthy ingredients that actually benefit the horse. Furthermore, 

nothing has been added to the products of Okapi, it is all on a natural basis.

Okapi's products are all formulated by Dr. Christina Fritz . and based on scientific knowledge.

Available in 3 kg and 10 kg

3 kg is sufficient for about 2 months

10 kg is sufficient for about 6 months

Mineral pure P is a mineral mix that can be perfectly combined with the custom made herbal mix.

Recommended amount:

Horses receive 2 - 3 measuring spoons per day. Depending on their size, ponies receive about half.

Since our mineral feed contains only a minimal amount of molasses, horses usually only eat the food when they actually need the minerals. And they do not eat them because of the molasses ( which is only 2% )


Wheat semolina bran, Calcium carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Calcium sodium phosphate, Grape seed flour, Green flower, Magnesium Oxide, Molasses ( please read below why it contains molasses )

The pure P consists only of minerals, making it a very sober mix. So no use is made of fillers such as alfalfa or grains, as is the case with many other mineral feed. This makes it one of the purest mineral mixes on the market. So you really only feed minerals, without additives.

Then why does it contain molasses?

It contains 2% molasses to bind the dust. So it is more pleasant to eat for the horse, otherwise it can become very dusty while eating. This means that the total sugar is only 2% on 50 grams per day. In short, you only feed 1 gram of molasses per day. That is very little and negligible compared to the amount of sugar in hay or other feeds. That is why you can feed this mix with confidence, even if it contains a little bit of molasses.

The addition of wheat semolina is necessary for pelleting. There is only a very small amount in it, so here too, your horse only gets a few grams per day. For horses with a known hypersensitivity to wheat flour, we recommend to give one of our granular minerals such as Puur G (S) feed.

If the mineral pure p remains in the bucket, then this indicates that you can stop feeding it for a while. Your horses has taken in enough minerals. After a while you can offer it again.

This supplementary feed may be given to horses up to 80g of the daily ration. This is due to the increased content of trace elements compared to other feed.


Nutritional additives per kg:

400,000 IE Vitamin A (3a672a)

3,000 mg of vitamin E (3a700),

100 mg vitamin B1

200 mg vitamin B2

100 mg of vitamin B6

1,000 μg of vitamin B12

100 mg vitamin K3

900 mg of nicotinic acid

450 mg pantothenic acid

100 mg folic acid 20,000 μg biotin

5,000 mg of choline chloride

6,000 mg of zinc (3b605) as zinc sulfate monohydrate

3,000 mg manganese (E5) as manganese (II) oxide

2,000 mg copper (E2) as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate

1,000 mg iron (E1) as iron (II) sulphate monohydrate

80 mg iodine (3b202) anhydrous calcium iodate

40 mg cobalt (3b801) as cobalt (II) acetate tetrahydrate

8 mg selenium (E8) as sodium selenite

Analytical components and contents:

Calcium: 12.0%

Phosphorus: 3.0%

Sodium: 8.0%

Magnesium: 1.8%

Store mineral feed for horses in a cool and dry place.