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A measurement according to the pain protocol, to find out whether the horse has pain in the body, and where does the horse have pain? 

The pain protocol is a questionnaire in which the entire anatomy of the horse is measured for pain in a structured order.

The questions we answer are:

• Where does the horse have pain? (head, legs, back, vertebrae, bones, joints, muscles, tendons)

• To what extent is the horse in pain? (acute, chronic, pain shoot)

• Where does the pain come from? (saddle, training, trauma)

• Can it be remedied and how? (treatment, training)

• Does the horse have any diseases or abnormalities? (EORTH, Kissing spines, osteoarthritis)

The result of the measurement according to the pain protocol is an indication or guideline of what may be wrong in the body of the horse or pony.

The XL version is a more extensive protocol where we go into more detail of the anatomy and organs. In doing so, we hope to be able to provide an even more specific answer to where to look or which treatment could help. The XL protocol is for cases where the basic protocol proves inadequate, in case of long-term complaints or vague lameness or if a lot of research has already been done.

During this measurement, 3-5 extra questions may also be asked, this can be done before the measurement if you already have certain questions, but may also be asked afterwards if clarification is needed, for this we will do an extra short measurement. Write your questions in the text box before paying for the order or send them to us via email or app after receiving the results.

The pain protocol was developed by The horse complete team and prepared with the help of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists. The horse is measured remotely with a Biotensor based on the data provided. The pain protocol is not a diagnostic tool, but an indication and we are not responsible for the way in which this information is used after our advice. We are not a vet and if you have serious problems with the horse, we refer you to a therapist or vet. Nor can we be held responsible for the effect of treatments or examinations based on the results of the pain protocol.

* you can also choose to get a full health check done. For more information go to health checks 

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