Advanced course `Feeding horses fit` part 2 (17/11/2020)

Advanced course `Feeding horses fit` part 2 (17/11/2020)

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Advanced course online

Feeding horses fit ( part 2 ) 

online on the 17th of November until the 24th of November,  Live Q&A session 24th of November at 6 pm Irish time 

Please note: Part 2 is only available once you have purchased part 1!

This training is very suitable for professionals (and studious horse owners) to explore the theme of healthy / natural horse nutrition.

When you purchase this online course you will get login data and will be able to see the filming that Dr. Christina Fritz has made. You will get a weeks’ time to see almost 4,5 hours of filming and rewind, stop and take notes. On the last day there will be a live Q&A session with a maximum of 20 attendants. If there are more attendants then we will have another Q&A session on the 12th of September. Christina will also tape each session and place it online for another 3 days for people to watch if they can’t attend the Q&A.

The course will be given with Vimeo and the Q&A will be with zoom.

Many aspects of nutrition will be discussed. It is partly very theoretical, but we will also gain practical knowledge and you can also ask your personal questions.

Themes day 2:

• Why do our horses develop „lifestyle diseases“ like excess weight or skin affections? 

• How does „detoxification“ work on a physiological level?

• Liver and Kidney function explained

• Cryptopyrroluria (KPU)  - a common health issue underlying many metabolic symptoms like sweet itch, laminitis etc

• How do you see that your horse has health problems and what are the early markers for metabolic problems

The advanced course is given by Dr. Christina Fritz. Christina is a biologist by origin and has done a lot of research into what healthy horse nutrition contains. As a result, she has written several books (see images) on these themes, all with scientific support.

She was supposed to come to Ireland to give this course but because of the Corona virus she will now offer the course online. The days are really full of very valuable information, so prepare yourself for a lot of new knowledge. The course is extra unique (in Ireland) because there are many topics that are new to the Irish concepts. Germany is far ahead on some topics, and Christina will share many new insights of this kind. So even if you have taken several courses on nutrition, or you have a lot of experience with horse nutrition, this course is an addition to your existing knowledge.

Christina will teach the course in English.

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