Day 1, barefoot trimming workshop `theory` to get more insight in healthy hooves and healthy feeding ( February 2022 )

Day 1, barefoot trimming workshop `theory` to get more insight in healthy hooves and healthy feeding ( February 2022 )

The workshop is mainly aimed at horse owners, but also yard owners, breeders, trainers, instructors, osteopaths, hoof professionals and veterinarians have already participated these workshops. The workshop is suitable for participants with little prior knowledge as well as for those who trim themselves. The workshop will be held on Saturday the 9th of October 2021.This will be theory and day 2 will be practice. 

It will be held in Athleague, Co Roscommon.

The aim of this theoretical workshop is to make horse owners better informed and look at their horse's hooves with different eyes. During the workshop there is room for questions, dialogue and exchange of experiences. At the end of the day, it is possible to discuss photos of hooves that have been brought along.

Morning program
Lecture 'Insight in hooves' with the following topics:

• Why look at 'Hooves'?
• Evolution and the natural horse
• The 5 keys to hoof health
• The origin of hoof problems

• Comparative anatomy
• Hinge joints
• Internal structure of the hoof
• Hoof mechanism

• External structure of the hoof
• The different horn types
• Growth, connection and principles of the hoof capsule

• The 1/3 - 2/3 ratio
• Natural heel height
• Handy aids

Afternoon program:
Looking at the hooves of the horses that are present

1 - Hoof evaluation of the horses present using the Checklist
2 - Demonstration trimming to the internal structure of the hoof

The demonstrated method combines insights from various modern ('natural') trimming styles, based on the anatomy of the foot inside the hoof capsule. During this workshop you are not expected to trim yourself (Although the hands of different participants will itch! )

During this day you will get a clear insight into what a hoof will look like and function if it is logically cut down to the internal structure. This day will prepare you for the Practice workshop Maintenance trimming.

The workshop will last all day ( from 10am to 5pm )

Maximum 8 to 12 participants.

To participate you will have to email me and I will put you on the attendants list. You will be able to pay on my web shop once we are 100% sure that Heleen can fly over to us ( due to covid 19).

Please let me know in your email if you are attending day 2 as well. And if so also let me know if you prefer the Sunday or the Monday. Because day 2 will be split into 2 days so all attendants from day 1 can attend day 2 ( maximum of 5 people per day )