Vital Horse Care course Phase 2 (April 2023)

Vital Horse Care course Phase 2 (April 2023)

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Course The Horse Therapist Phase 2 including E-book basic knowledge horse & influence of nutrition

If you have gained enough experience with measuring after having done phase 1 of this course, then it is time for phase 2. In phase 2 you will learn to measure remotely and how to measure customers' horses. In addition to gaining more knowledge about the herbs, you will also learn to measure homeopathic or holistic remedies and horse nutrition and supplements.

Date phase 2 day 1: April 2023

Date phase 2 day 2: April 2023

The course includes the following items:

1. Even more knowledge about the use of herbs, explanation on the use of the Biotensor and instructions to learn how to measure remotely.

2. You will learn which herbs horses choose for certain diseases and what to look out for.

3. You will learn even more about the physical or mental significance of the chosen herbs and the story they tell and how you can help your customer with them. Think of shortages or surpluses, digestive problems, pain and management.

4. You will receive the remote measurement protocol, a document for self-study and reference work including measuring horse nutrition and other supplements.

5. When ordering herb mixes for your horse, but also those of customers, you will receive a discount of € 15,-.

6. 10x guidance from me with your own measurements after the course, to determine whether you have measured the mix correctly and giving advice.

7. A lot of knowledge and knowledge sharing among themselves.

Time and duration

Phase 2 consists of 2 half-days of 3 hours. The course can take place online or on location. In addition, you need plenty of time for self-study and to practice measuring remotely.


Phase 2 training p.p.: € 275,00 incl. VAT


1. You will receive a discount of € 15 per herb mix, when you measure it yourself. The Horse Therapist will mix the herbs and send these to your customers.

2. With the first 10 measurements you will receive guidance from me with your measurements and results.

3. You order all your herb mixes via The Horse Therapist