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Mushroom measurement. Get your canine tested remotely to find out which mushrooms resonate with them.

The mushroom mix will last you for 50 days

Available for Equines and dogs.

We will test your animal remote to find out what mushrooms or supplements your animal needs. The test results will indicate what is going on with the animal and where it needs support.

The mushroom mix will help to improve the animal`s health in case of problems and it will supplement the daily maintenance of food.

After placing the order, we start testing. An advice & mix is then put together and we will advice you on how much to feed your dog. 

The mushroom mix will be mixed with Prime Humic acid, this supports better absorption of the nutrients and works like a carrier. 


  • Let us know if the animal is pregnant due to a smaller selection of mushrooms.
  • Do not give while taking antibiotics or corticoids.
  • Cordyceps is not doping-free.
  • There may be a mild hypersensitivity at first due to the detoxifying effect
  • Do not use after transplants!


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