Day 2 `maintenance trimming` ( February 2022 )

Day 2 `maintenance trimming` ( February 2022 )

The workshop “ Maintenance trimming ” is for anyone who has already done the workshop “Insight in Hooves” day 1. You can bring your own unshod horse. Or you can work on horses that are at present.

The workshop lasts all day (from 10 am to 5 pm).

Maximum number of participants is 5 people. If there are more people interested then we will organize an extra day of `maintenance trimming`. This will be held on the Monday.

The aim of the workshop is to learn to keep track of your horse's hooves yourself, initially between the hoof trim of your hoof specialist and later independently.

To participate you will have to email me and I will put you on the attendants list. You will be able to pay on my web shop once we are 100% sure that Heleen can fly over to us ( due to covid 19). Please let me know if you are attending the Sunday or the Monday and if you are bringing your horse along