Demo: Feed your horse like a horse

Demo: Feed your horse like a horse

Have you ever wondered what cranio sacral therapy is and what does it do for your horse? How can your horse benefit from this treatment?

And have you ever questioned if your horse is on the correct diet? There are so many products out there, but which one is good for your horse!? 

What should a healthy horse look like? And if a horse is not healthy what are the signs to look for?

During this demo Sharon from The Horse Therapist will explain:

* what to expect when you book an appointment with her

* what cranio sacral therapy is

* show you how she tests horses for herbs and food

* explain the benefits of herbs in your horses diet

* what signs to look for when a horse is having health issues 

* share her knowledge

* answer the questions that you have 

For more info on costs and booking an appointment you can e-mail

There is a maximum amount of 6 attendants per group. And the demo will take approximately 1 hour 

Sharon will need a horse to work on during the demo. So please make sure that there is a horse available.

After attending the demo you will get a discount on a custom made bag of herbs for your horse or on a cranio sacral treatment.

You will also have the option to get yourself tested on supplements and herbs and get a custom made herbal tea.