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The price for this course is 350,- euro. But you also have the option to pay a deposit to confirm your spot. There is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 attendants for each course.
day 1 will be held on Friday the 23rd of September 2022. We will start at 10am and it ends at about 12am
day 2 will be held on Friday the 7th of October. If this date doesn't suit you then there are other options available.

Purpose of the course:

With this course you will soon be able to independently measure your own horse (s) for herbs, supplements and horse feed. It explains the basic principles to achieve a balanced herbal mix in combination with other nutrition, which can help your horse. You will learn about the nutrition-related problems in horses that you can encounter and you will also learn a lot about the herbs, what they tell about your horse and what indication they give.

The following items are included in the course:

1. Transfer of knowledge about the use of herbs, explanation of the use of a Biotensor and instruction on how to measure/test

2. E-book about the effect of the herbs. 

3. An intake form to write down what herbs and supplements the horse needs.

4. The measurement protocol, a document for self-study and reference work.

5. A possibility to order herb mixes for your horse (s) with a 15,- euro discount

6. 10x guidance from me with your own measurements after the course, to determine whether you have measured the mix correctly.

7. A lot of knowledge and mutual knowledge sharing. You will be added to a group app where you can share your own knowledge, experience and ask questions. And you will get access to a dropbox account where you will find valuable information on horse health, nutrition, metabolic issues and many more.

Time and duration

Phase 1 consists of 2 half-day sessions of 2 hours (with possible extension) each time on a weekday morning between 10:00 and 12:00. 

Both days will take place at The Horse Therapists yard in Co Roscommon. The course starts with 2 to 4 participants and together we plan the dates for these two half-days, so that everyone can join.

In addition to these half-days, you need plenty of time for self-study and to practice measuring, keep this in mind.


Phase 1 ( 2day )training costs € 350,-  

This includes an extensive test set with herbs and supplements, and all of the above mentioned items.

If you would like a biotensor ( which you will need for the course ) then you can get one online or I can get you the exact same one that I use. Which is a very good quality. The costs for this are 95,- euro. To order one please click here 

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