Spirulina powder, canine
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Spirulina powder, canine

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250 gram 

A dog will need about 1,5-4 gram per day 

Suitable for all animals

Slowly increase the dosage over 1-2 weeks. After about 2 weeks horses will be used to eating the spirulina powder. 

Spirulina helps:

• with a mineral deficiency and thus to promote general health and self-healing

• increase the immune system

• Supports the liver to help detox 

• the metabolism

• for endurance and strength sports

• for lack of energy and vitality

• with growth

• in recovery after efforts

• during pregnancy and lactation

• to prevent infections

• with dull, dry, brittle hair and hooves, itchy skin, allergies and airway issues

Analytical components and contents:

Crude protein: 66.2% Crude oils / fats: 8% Crude

ash: 8%

Store straight feed for horses in a cool, dry place.

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