About The Horse Therapist

About The Horse Therapist

Custom made horse feed

Wrong feed supply can cause a lot of problems; balanced nutrition prevents and solves these problems!

The Company The Horse Therapist has emerged to provide solutions to owners of horses and ponies with problems and diseases related to diet. Our vision is that every horse or pony is unique and has its own needs. Our goal is for every horse with nutritional problems to become physically and mentally healthy and balanced, by providing a balance of nutrition and support that suits these needs. Even if the horse is healthy, good nutrition remains essential. Not only to maintain this good constitution, but also to keep the horse well trained and injury and disease free.


We measure these needs by testing herbs, food and supplements individually on the horse, every 5 weeks. Nothing is as changeable as a horse, because it is influenced by the changing seasons, being in contact with diseases, the degree of training and many other conditions. We strive for a horse to be fed as naturally as possible, within the abilities of the owner and the management around the horse. Therefore, we also cooperate a lot with, for example, practitioners, trainers and veterinarians.


Horses are not grazers, but collectors! However, the meadows where horses run and the hay they get fed often have a limited range of plant species, so the horse can no longer choose what to eat. For this reason, we have developed herbal mixes that consist of a unique combination of selected herbs for each horse, in which we largely use native herbs and plants. Our way of measuring allows the horse to choose the herbs it needs and we try to approach the natural behaviour as closely as possible. Every herb mix that we measure is therefore unique!

Basic nutrition

A herb mix not only helps, but also works preventive and therefore forms an excellent basis for the daily ration. One hand of herbal mix a day, keeps all the problems away! This way the horse is fed well and balanced and needs little extra in addition to the roughage and the herb mix. Even if the horse runs high in the sport! When a horse is in balance, it can perform well on the energy it extracts from fibers and the resulting fats instead of starch and sugars. If this is not sufficient, we will look for an additional product that fits the horse, the training and the energy it needs.

Additional products

There are many horse feed manufacturers who make beautiful products that can work in addition to the feed management of the horse. We have collected many of these products and made testers of them, so that we can measure which product best suits the horse and in what quantities. A list of these can be found in `the measurement of nutrition` on this site. We do not sell these products ourselves.

Additional measurements: supplements, homeopathy, phytotherapy, medication

To support the horse we have testers of supplements, products from homeopathy and phytotherapy in our assortment. On request we can also measure these. We also possess testers of certain medicines and pain killers to be able to get an indication of the condition of the horse. We do not prescribe medicines; in these situations we refer to a veterinarian for a diagnosis and the right medication.


Additional Measurements: Pain protocol

We have also developed an extensive pain protocol. This can be used to get an idea of the overall condition of the horse and where extra attention needs to be paid, to seek out vague complaints or to support practitioners and veterinarians in the search for a possible problem.


About Us

This also makes us collectors! We gather everything around us that we can use to provide a solution to the problems with horses. A search that never ends, an investigation that never finishes and brings a lot of knowledge, beautiful insights and experiences during the journey.