Measuring the food


Why a feed measurement?

The problems concerning the feeding of horses can be big. Especially at large stables all horses get the same food, without looking at the specific needs of the individual horse or pony. Horses get physical or mental complaints that can arise from incorrect feed management, many problems of which can be easily solved by balanced nutrition. There are also so many different types of horse feed and supplements on the market, making it difficult to choose and many questions arise.


Get answers to the following questions:

  • Which product fits best with your individual horse or pony?
  • What does my horse need and what not?
  • How much does my horse need per day at the moment?
  • Does my feed management suit my horse?
  • Is the ratio between roughage and concentrates balanced?
  • Does my horse need concentrated feed?
  • Which deficits must be supplemented?

We can test this with a feed measurement and get answers to your questions!


Custom made horse feed!

In our range of  testers we have a large collection of different brands and types of horse feed and supplements that we use to measure to find out which product is most suitable for your horse. This way you can perfectly adjust your feed management to your horse!


Sending testers

If we do not have the type of horse feed that you want to have tested, we ask you to send it to The Horse Therapist. Please inform us with your name, the name of the horse and the brand and / or type of horse food, roughage or supplement. We need little of the food or supplement, between 2 and 10 grams. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

We are always happy to be able to enlarge our collection!


Information that is needed

The feed measurement can only be ordered if you create an account, so we are provided with sufficient information about your horse. We need the data to be able to test your horse or pony at our own workplace. New customers who order a herb mix always receive a free feed measurement of € 15! If you want to test your horse's nutrition in between, you can order an additional feed measurement of € 7.50 when ordering the herb mix.

If we get alarming test results from the measurement of the horse, we refer you to a veterinarian.