About Sharon and her team

Who am I?

My name is Sharon Bronsveld and I am the founder of The Horse Therapist.

I am a certified equine cranio sacral therapist and nutrition specialist and at the moment (11-2021) I am also studying epigenetic and orthomolecular medicine. 

I have turned my passion into my profession.

In the past

I have been riding horses up until the age of 18. I stopped then to go off to college. But after a few years I got that urge to be with horses again. But this time I wanted something different then only riding horses at a riding centre. So I ended up at a non-profit horse foundation who rented out horses. And that was when I met my first horse named Habibi.


Habibi has been the reason to change my career and to start a new chapter in my life. He is a pony with instructions. He had several health issues and mentally he was not doing well either. He was always full of anger and did not want to work out. There was no therapist that could treat him because he did not trust anyone. So I had decided to go back to college and study to become a cranio sacral therapist for horses.

Once I graduated and started working with horses I noticed that the diet was not always great and that most horses seem to be lacking something. So to make my treatments complete I decided to look into herbs, feed and supplements and ended up at Horse Complete. I have completed course level 1, 2, 3 plus the pain protocol test and I am therefor a certified food specialist and an official HorseComplete dealer and point of sales for herbs mixes, food tests and pain tests.

I have learned how to test herbs, feed and supplements on horses. This way I can help out the customers and their horses even better. Because….. Measuring is knowing!!


Habibi isn`t the angry horse anymore and feels much better about himself. Mentally he has calmed down and is enjoying life a lot more.

Marlies Schouten 


My name is Marlies Schouten, and I am living in The Netherlands. 

Years ago I started to deepen my knowledge into communicating with animals, this was a huge eye-opener. And a few years later I have my own business where I provide the service to communicate with your animal. I think it's amazing! and I'm so grateful that this has come my way. Each time I am touched by what an animal has to 'say', for example, I can feel the enormous love and confidence of an animal in his or her human being. It's really a great gift and a blessing to be able to do this.


I also provide healing sessions and I test horses for herbs. This is a service that is also offered by The Horse Therapist. Through this way I got to know Sharon, which gave rise to the idea of working together. And I am really looking forward to it!


Besides the services that I offer, I also really enjoy being outside, in the woods where I live next door to. My son, partner and a horse are of course also part of it, even though the horse is not mine, it is my dream to own my own horse one day.