First aid herbal mix for external use
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First aid herbal mix for external use

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This tea supports the skin's immune system and is intended for use on the skin.

Content: 100 grams of dried herbs

Use: 1 tablespoon / 5 grams on 1 litre of water. Let the tea steep for 30 minutes in boiled and slightly cooled water (85 degrees). For an extra strong effect, you can leave the tea covered for up to 12 hours. Strain out the large parts, or filter before using it. (You can feed the leftover herbs to your horse.) Keep the tea in a sealed bottle or jar for up to 2 days.

If possible, first rinse the skin with water. Use a clean syringe to drip the tea over the area to be treated or apply a wet compress with clean gauze that you dip in the tea and tie over the area with, for example, with some vet wrap bandage. Change a compress at least every day. Rinse or wash the skin 1 to 2 times a day, not more often, so that it also has time to heal. With this tea bag you can treat the skin for about 20 days.

Note: Do not use the tea on sutured wounds, unless in consultation with your vet