Skin care spray
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Skin care spray

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A large number of microorganisms can be found on the horse and in its environment. However, some can be problematic for horses, for example scabies, rain scald, mud fever or ringworm. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant and prevent these infections. It is possible to avoid these attacks by colonizing the sensitive parts and risk zones with the effective microorganisms.

EM can also be used it for horses with sweet itch and wounds.

Effective Microorganisms (EM) are the good organisms (bacteria) that are good for the balance between favorable and unfavorable bacteria. The Effective Microorganisms are also called ‘happy bacteria’.

Actiferm improves the natural balance of the horse and its environment thanks to its probiotic action. Actiferm is available in two different forms:

spray, to easily apply on  the skin/coat. 

gel, to make the product harden longer. It is usually used to prevent damage to the hooves and helps with trush. For the gel please click here

The Skin spray supports and restores the microbial balance of the skin with consistent use. It supports the regenerative capacity of the skin and protects against adverse influences of micro-organisms.

Spray the Skin spray on the affected areas 1-3 times a day and let it dry. 

Skin spray also suitable for dogs and humans

The Skin spray can also be used for dogs and humans. The same directions for use apply for this: apply 1-3 times a day and let it dry.

Please note that you the starter pack includes a spray bottle with a bag in it that collapses down after using the spray, so it help to preserve the microbes. The starter pack comes with a 1 litre spray bottle and a 2 litre EM pack. You can mix the spray bottle with 500ml of water and 500ml EM. This means you can fill up the bottle with EM 4 times. The pack of EM can be stored for up to a year. The microbes stay preserved in the (bag)box. 

After you have finished the 2 litre of EM you only need to order a refill. So just the pack of EM and you can use the spray bottle long term.