Equine KPU laboratory test

Equine KPU laboratory test

* Available soon!

Determination of the metabolic disorder "KPU" and the intestinal health from the horse's urine

Does your horse suffer with:

Chronic diseases such as allergies, sweet itch, chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease (COPD), laminitis

Unspecific lameness


Performing bad

Bad general condition, such as fatigue and listlessness

Headshaking, etc.

Competent analysis and advice

Proof of metabolic disorder "KPU"

Determination of indican, a marker of gut health

Examination of the urine samples by our trained staff

Evaluation of the results

Advice and custom made plan by The Horse Therapist

* The test set contains the sample tubes, a laboratory form, test instructions and a return envelope with a DPD label. You will have to drop of the parcel at a DPD depot in your area

You collect the urine in a clean mason jar and fill it into the sample tube. Then send the sample via DPD to Sension in Germany with the completed laboratory form in the enclosed return envelope. 

Please note: Sension needs to receive the sample within 5 working days. The transit time with DPD is 3 working days. So once you have the urine sample from your horse you should bring it to DPD straight away. And only on Monday or Tuesday! Also, the invoice of the test results will be emailed to you and the costs for this are 47,- euro. 

As soon as we have received the sample, Sension will carry out the required analysis in their specialist laboratory and then they send both you and The Horse Therapist the results. Sharon will discuss the results with you and set up a nutrition plan in order to get the horse healthy again.

* read more about KPU here: Blog KPU