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Sometimes you just can't figure out what`s going on with your horse. Whatever you do, whatever you apply, the strange complaints just keep coming back . If this apply`s to your horse, then it may be that your horse has a physical or emotional imbalance.

By applying the Emotion Code and / or the Body code, we can detect imbalances and remove them. This is done remotely. The Body Code and the Emotion Code are energetic healing techniques that make it possible to trace and release emotions that have become trapped or hidden. Trapped or hidden emotions arise from negative events in the past and can cause harm to the health of the biological and energetic system. They can cause depression and anxiety and cut you off from love and happiness, leaving the horse disconnected with itself, others and the world around him or her. Since trapped or hidden emotions consist of energy, just like the rest of the body, they also affect the physical body and can cause pain and illness. Freeing these emotions provides the right conditions for the body to heal.

If you would like to find out what emotional or physical imbalances your horse has then you can book an appointment online. You can add this service to your shopping cart and choose `pick up`, so you do not pay for shipping costs. 

* Please note that when you order additional products that need to be shipped then the option of `pick up`is not available in combination with this service.

-> You can tell me your story by e-mail, ask the questions you have, and send me a clear photo of your horse, one of which the eyes are clearly visible. You can send this to:

-> You will receive feedback via an email, in which you can read which imbalances have been found and how many follow-up sessions are still needed.

-> Find out more about the emotion code in this video:

I can remove 10 blockages at a time, so it remains bearable for the horse. You will always receive feedback from us at every follow-up consultation.

After a treatment it may be that your horse is a bit tired, and wants to drink a lot of water, this can take a few days and it is a normal reaction to the treatment.

We would like to have as many information of your horse and / or the problem. We would rather receive more than less information! 

To order, you must first create an account and add the horse`s details. Enter the information as completely as possible. Once the order has been placed, you can expect feedback within 2 weeks. The follow-up sessions will take place every 2 weeks until all blockages have been removed.  

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