Mastic Horse treatment ( Stomach protector )
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Mastic Horse treatment ( Stomach protector )

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Mastic Horse Treatment is recommended for horses with symptoms of stomach ulcers and stomach and intestinal problems and helps to improve this naturally. In addition, it supports on many more fronts and you achieve the best results in combination with adapted nutrition.

Mastic Horse Treatment is made from 100% Chios Masticha, the natural resin from Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia in combination with the pre-biotic Inulin. The Masticha resin is an antioxidant and has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The functioning and application of Masticha is recorded at the European Medicines Agency of the European Union.

Dosage for symptoms:
Day 1 to 5: 3 grams standard. 5-7 grams with clear symptoms.
Day 6 to 28: 3 grams

Mix with a small amount of dry food 10-15 minutes before the regular diet. A period of four weeks is recommended.

120 gram will last 1 horse for about 4-5 weeks.

250 gram will last 1 horse for 12 weeks 

For horses in high stress situations with continuously less natural food such as race horses in training and competition, a dosage of 5-7 grams is recommended instead of the 3 grams. For small ponies and miniature horses or ponies weighing less than 100 kg, a dosage of 2 grams per day is recommended. Switch to the standard 3 gram dose if no improvement is observed during the first week.

Preservation: Keep cool! In a warm environment, the resin becomes sticky and lumps may develop. This is easily solved by putting the Mastic Horse in the fridge for a while and then releasing it with a fork. Composition: 60% Chios Masticha and 40% inulin.

Measuring spoon: a measuring spoon is supplied with the order. 1 full spoon  is 3 grams.

Results observed in practice

Improving the quality and shine of the coat
More relaxation and calmer temperament: horses seem more satisfied even more playful
Change in body shape and a more relaxed posture. Even horses that were not in training received a better muscle tone.
Improved movement and more regular hoof wear through more relaxed movement.
Improvement where conventional treatment has not helped.
Better absorption of nutrients and reduced need for supplementation with magnesium.
Reduced resistance to feeds containing salt and / or magnesium.
Better appetite and sense in animal feed where there was previously restraint. A more regulated / relaxed eating behavior in which the horses previously refused food.

Mastic Horse Treatment is recommended for horses with the following conditions by physicians:
Pain when attaching the girt, yawning, staying lean, colic, bit grabbing, lots of coarse dung, pressure pain in the back when putting on the saddle, sensitive skin, cushing, ringworms and sweet itch .