Custom made nutrition plan
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Custom made nutrition plan

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There are so many types of horse feed and supplements on the market:

How do you make the right choice?

What does my horse need and what not?

Is the roughage good?

Which product suits your individual horse or pony the best?

How much does my horse need per day at the moment?

Does my feed management suit my horse?

Is the ratio between roughage and concentrates balanced?

Does my horse need concentrated feed?

The Horse Therapist can measure this for you and answer your questions!

In our range of testers we have a large collection of different brands and types of horse feed and supplements that we use to test on your horse and we find out which product is most suitable for your horse. Below you will find an attached list of the different kinds of testers that we have.

We will ask you to send a sample of horse feed to us if the type of horse feed you want us to test on is not listed.

You can only order the feed measurement if you create an account. We need the registered data to test your horse remote. If you would like to know how we execute then you will find more information here.

If you only order this service then please choose pickup when you place the order, because you will not have to pay for shipping costs.

Scroll down to download the lists with the range of horse feed, regular supplements and vitamins and minerals.