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This package is suitable for horses with diarrhea, constipation, dysbiosis in the hindgut, horses that colic and with infections. 

The package contains:

- 500 gram Diatomaceous earth

- 1.1 kilo Psyllium husk

- 500 gram Lapacho bark 

We recommend to get a custom made herb mix as well to support the horse and a nutrition plan because some issues come from an incorrect diet.

Feeding recommendation Okapi Lapacho bark:

Horses are given 1 - 2 measuring spoons once a day. About half for ponies, depending on their size.

Feeding recommendation herbs, flaxseed and Diatomaceous earth:

We will mention this on the bag of herbs. 

The psyllium husk can be fed 100-150 per day and will last for 5 days. 

The Diatomaceous earth will last for about 2 – 3 months. 

The Lapacho bark should be given as a cure for 6 weeks. For ponies 1 scoop and horses 2 scoops.

* Another product that is also suitable for the hind gut is Zeolite. This is suitable for horses that have a low PH value ( acidic ) in their gut