Insect protect spray
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Insect protect spray

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Nothing is more annoying than bugs that fly around your horse all day long. HorseFlex Insect Protect Spray is an anti-insect, and fly-spray for horses based on essential oils such as citronella, Cedar and Sandalwoodoil. This repels flies, gadflies and horseflies in a natural way. This way can your horse relax in the pastures without the use of any chemicals.

  • Natural protection against bugs and flies

  • Based on essential oils

  • Without any chemical, or aggressive additives

  • Doesn’t contain DEET and is therefore safe for long-term use


Are you looking for a caring and disinfecting first aid spray for horses to treat insect bites? Then take a look at our Tea Tree Avocado Spray. It is also very suitable for other wounds, scabs, and abrasions.


Caution: HorseFlex Insect Spray could cause stains on textiles. Please be careful when you are applying the spray near blankets and other textiles.