Metazoa CareFit Timothy (Grass nut)
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Metazoa CareFit Timothy (Grass nut)

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The nutritional menu of horses consists largely of roughage. Some horses have difficulty chewing and therefore do not eat enough. You can then feed them with Metazoa CareFit Timothee – a natural kibble that you can also feed wet. Without unnecessary additives and bulking. Exactly what is needed for a healthy and happy horse.

  • The nutritional composition is exactly the same as NaturalFit HayCobs

  • Made from chopped timothy

  • Especially for horses that need extra care

  • Free of grain, soya, molasses and GMO

  • Can also be fed wet

  • Many horses love timothy

  • 100 - 500 grams per 100 kg of body weight
  • Will last you for approx. 15-30 days 


Nutritional balance

Metazoa CareFit Timothee consists entirely of timothy. Horses naturally like this type of grass, which makes them want to eat a lot of it. You can wet feed CareFit Timothee if your horse has difficulty eating, for example due to bad teeth. Timothy naturally contains vitamins and minerals, but relatively little sugar. It is also free of unnecessary substances such as grain, soy and molasses.

You can find the full composition of this product at the bottom of the page.

Proper nutrition has an important effect on the welfare of animals. When your horse is in nutritional balance, it gets everything it needs. This promotes a vital self-healing mechanism and thus ensures fewer physical and mental problems for the horse.



Nutritional advice

You feed CareFit Timothee as a supplement to roughage, or as a replacement. You can also feed the kibble wet. For example, it is easy to eat for older horses, horses with a reduced appetite or with bad teeth. In addition to roughage, your horse needs a balancer, such as Metazoa FitRight Timothee, It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to complete the nutritional menu.


Raw materials

  • 100% Timothy (No additives whatsoever)

Feed analysis



% / Quantity per kilogram

Crude protein (VrePaard) 6.4% / 64g

Crude fibre 31.6% / 316g

Crude inorganic matter 7.8% / 78g

Sugar 8.3% / 83g

Energy 8.4 MJ




Quantity per kilogram

Calcium (Ca) 5.3g

Phosphorus (P) 2.5g

Sulphur (S) 1.5g

Potassium (K) 24.2 mg

Magnesium (mg) 1 g

Zinc (Zn) 29 mg

Copper (Cu) 4.3 mg

Sodium (Na) 0.2g

Manganese (Mn) 23 mg

Molybdenum (Mo) 1 mg

Iodine (I) 0.3 mg

Selenium (Se) 446 μg


We take all possible measures to prevent this product from being contaminated with potentially suspicious substances (doping). For example, by using safe raw materials and by complying with good hygiene rules during the production process.