Jiaogulan herb
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Jiaogulan herb

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Jiaogulan herb (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

This herb supports with:

-          Lameness

-          Circulation within the laminae of the hoof and tendon and ligaments

-          Respiratory health, such as coughing horses

-          Muscles, recovery after muscle injury

-          Immune system

-          Nerve system

-          Liver, kidneys & hart

We recommend to use this herb in combination with spirulina powder when your horse has respiratory issues. Both can support the lungs when your horse has allergies to dust, spores and pollen.

Naturally contains:

-          Flavonoids

-          Polysaccharide

-          Saponins

-          Amino acids

-          Vitamins

-          Minerals

-          Trace elements

Feed rate:

5-10 gram for a foal or pony

10-20 gram for a 600 kilo horse

Advice: We advise not to use this herb longer than 4-6 weeks. After this it is advisable to switch to another herbal mixture. Or you can book a consult with us to discuss and advice about the health of your horse