Hemp seed, Organic
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Hemp seed, Organic

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Hemp seeds support the general condition and are extremely beneficial for the horse. Especially older & skinny horses, horses that work hard or need to build muscle and horses with poor health can benefit a lot from this product.

Suitable for horses, cattle, rabbits, birds, hens. 

Feeding advice:

500 gram is sufficient for about 20 days up to 12 weeks for a pony

1 kilo is sufficient for about 20 days up to 12 weeks for a horse

For a pony feed between 10-30 gram per day

For a horse feed between 30-60 gram per day

You can feed the hemp seed as a cure for 1-6 weeks during the change of season when the horse starts to change its coat. Or you can feed it twice a week through the daily feed as maintenance. 

The hemp seed can be fed whole or you can grind it just before you feed it. When you grind it then you should not keep it for too long because it can go rancid very quick. 

Extra information:

Hemp seed is one of the few foods with an almost complete protein content. This means that hemp contains almost all essential amino acids! The functions of the fatty acids are countless, but to name a few: vitamin intake, energy / temperature regulation, hormone production / balance, organ protection, cell structure, heart function, etc. etc.

Hemp seed provides omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in the ideal ratio. Other foods usually contain too much omega 6.

Hemp seed contains a significant amount of minerals and vitamins. It has a good range of vitamins (such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E) and minerals (including iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and copper). In addition, hemp seed is also a source of chlorophyll and dietary & prebiotic fiber.

Hemp seed is a good source of dietary fiber. Hemp seed contains both insoluble and soluble dietary fiber in a ratio of 4: 1. Which is particularly good for the digestion.

Please visit the herbal wiki for more information about hemp seed. 

If you are looking for a product with cbd in it then the hemp treats are an option. 

Average contents per 100 gr

carbohydrates 12.7 gr

proteins 21.5 gr

fats 30.6 gr

minerals 4.9 gr

water 5.7 gr

dietary fiber 13 gr

saturated fatty acids 3 gr

monounsaturated fatty acids 4.3 gr

polyunsaturated fatty acids 24.2 gr

omega 3 fatty acids 4 , 9 gr

omega 6 fatty acids 18.9 gr

vit.-A 16.8 IE

vit.-B1 0.9 mg

vit.-B2 1.1 mg

vit.-B3 2.5 mg

vit.-B6 0.3 mg

vit.-C 1.4 mg

vit.-D vit.-E 3 mg

sodium 1.3 mg

potassium 617 mg

calcium 86.9 mg

magnesium 605.9 mg

iron 17.9 mg

phosphorus 830 mg

zinc 8.2 mg

iodine 0.08 mg

Energy value 471 Kcal / 1979 KJ