Supplements for liver, detox, KPU
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Supplements for liver, detox, KPU

These products are suitable for horses that have liver issues, horses that need to detox and horses that have been tested positive for KPU.


- Okapi hepar KPU for liver support

Fir humic clay to help bind toxins 

MSM for liver support 

- Spirulina powder  for liver support

- Okapi Prodic to help bind toxins in the intestines

We recommend to get a custom made herb mix as well to support the horse and a nutrition plan because some issues come from an incorrect diet.

In order for the horse to detox you need to make sure that the liver is ready and strong enough to get rid of toxins. The use of the herbs in combination with the Okapi hepar kpu will help in this process. They support the detoxification process in the liver.  

Download the free brochure on KPU and detox cure treatment