Turkey tail mushroom
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Turkey tail mushroom

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Turkey tail can help with:

·         Immunomodulatory properties

·         Antioxidant

·         Chronically fatigued

·         Viral infections

·         Borrelia

·         Cushing

·         Gastritis

·         Removes heavy metals



In addition to its use as a vital mushroom, the Coriolus is a sought-after decorative object. He owes this to his beautiful graceful appearance. It has rosette-shaped, flat hats that take on many different colors. From brown to greenish and reddish to bluish. In Asia and in English-speaking countries, the Coriolus is also known as Yun Zhi, Kawaratake, turkey tail, and stirrup mushroom. This Mycopower mushroom is a vegetarian and gluten-free food supplement and carries the European ECO BIO quality mark. Coriolus is available in loose powder, powder capsules and as extract capsules.

Origin, growth and use of the Coriolus mushroom
Mycopower mushroom Coriolus versicolor is mainly known in Asia and South America, where it grows naturally on totem pole wood and is now also cultivated. The coriolus is a true cosmopolitan: because of its excellent adaptability, it thrives in the wild all over the world on dead deciduous trees, but also on wooden fences or poles. The Coriolus is a saprobiont, which means that it breaks down dead wood and thus makes an important contribution to the health of our forests. But coriolus is also a valuable ally for the well-being of the human organism. As a vital mushroom, it has played a central role in Chinese and South American medicine for centuries, and is now also grown commercially here. Nowadays, this mushroom is also breaking through more and more as a dietary supplement and is highly appreciated for its ingredients.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Coriolus has long been used to support health in various infections and candidiasis. In Europe, it was considered uninteresting for a long time because it is not suitable as an edible mushroom. Dried and as a tea, the mushroom usually has a good taste with a spicy, light taste. Even people who don't like mushrooms can enjoy this tea.

In Europe, the Coriolus has only recently received attention as a vital mushroom. As a result, the entire spectrum of constituents of Coriolus has not yet been exhaustively scientifically studied. However, in addition to a high content of various minerals, vitamins and trace elements, two important active substances have already been identified: the protein-bound polysaccharides PSK and PSP.

Coriolus Powder Capsules
Conventional mushroom powder capsules. Each capsule contains 500mg of pure and natural Coriolus powder. The mushroom body is gently ground into a fine powder. The grain size of Mycopower mushroom powder is less than 0.125 mm after processing and therefore has an exceptionally high quality and bioavailability. The finer the powder, the more intensive the bioavailability of the active ingredients.

Contents: 100 capsules of 500 mg
Quantity: 62 g
Composition: 100% BIO mushroom powder*
Capsule: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.
* from controlled organic farming

Quality assurance: The powder is tested for quality and purity in quality laboratories

Please note: We recommend that you do not experiment with mushrooms yourself. We recommend that you get a remote test done for herbal tea and supplements. We will then also test you for the mushrooms to find out which one you need

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Please note!

  • Do not use in hormone related cancer  
  • Do not use during pregnancy