Secretosan, supports the respiratory tract in chronic problems
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Secretosan, supports the respiratory tract in chronic problems

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Feeding advice:

OKAPI Secretosan Herbs are pelleted without molasses in order to avoid the development of dust when eating and thus coughing. OKAPI Secretosan should never be fed for more than four to six weeks at a time. It is then advisable to switch to another herbal mixture, e.g. a custom made herbal mix

Recommended amount:

Give horses 2-3 measuring spoons daily over the feed. Ponies receive about half, depending on their size.

800 gram will last for 2-3 weeks

2 kilo supply will last for about 6-8 weeks.


Watercress, marshmallow, fennel, broccoli, thyme, reindeer moss, cloves, licorice root, oak bark

Analytical components and contents:

Crude protein: 10.8% Crude

ash: 10.9%

Crude oils and fats: 4.4%

Crude fiber: 16.9%

Sodium: 0.21%

Calcium: 2.01%

Phosphorus: 0.22%

Store supplementary feed for horses in a cool and dry place.