Haylage mate
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Haylage mate

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This package is ideal for equines who are currently supplemented by a haylage forage diet and do not have the option to change to a hay forage diet. It enables the horse to continue eating haylage by supporting both the fore and hind gut. This can improve the performance of the horse in a variety of different ways. It can have a positive impact on attitude, body, condition, coat, digestion, energy, fascia, health, mobility.

Read more in this blog about why feeding haylage is not the best option for your horse and how it can effect the PH value in the gut. 

And/or download our free brochure on haylage

The products in this package are natural and sugar free.

1. 3 kilo of HUMAC. Helps to adjust the intestinal microflora, helps to absorb toxins and many more. Check it out here

2. 1 kilo Diatom earth helps to improves protein digestion, helps to prevents ammonia development. 

It also helps to dehydrate the stomach and intestinal environment and protects and improves the stomach and intestinal wall condition, indirectly this has a preventive effect on intestinal parasites. In many cases, it removes prolonged diarrhea and water after the manure.

It will last you for about 2 months and you can feed between 5-15 gram per day.

3. 1.2 kilo Zeolite helps as a mycotoxin binder, helps to absorb urea, regulates and helps stabilize ph value,

supports stomach & intestines. This products should be fed separate from other feed.

Please note: Do not use these products all at the same time. We recommend that you use one at a time. For example, start of with the Zeolite to help bring the pH back to normal and when finished switch to Humac and after that to diatom. Depending on the situation of the horse. You can always contact us for more information and help! 

If you are interested to find out what else can help and support your horse then please check out the custom made herb mixes and custom made nutrition plan or book a nutrition consult

We advice you to check the PH value of the gut first. You can find a video and blog on how to do this yourself.

Click here to watch the video and read the blog

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